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It's doesn't take much to do what we do at Mic Hustlin, but we would like the extra help. We like giving anyone with talent the opportunity to do gain more exposure, even writers! Fortunate for you all, we are looking for new fresh writers who keep up with the music entertainment and have a genuine love for the Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B scene. You can write anything that you would like, pertaining to music entertainment, on a voluntary basis as long as it's fresh and new!

Now now! I understand that you are thinking 'voluntary'? Yeah, well you would be able to earn something for your efforts. Check it out:

1) Earn Exposure. Mic Hustlin is growing fast! So fast in fact that we are earning 6,000+ unique views per month and that statistic grows every month by 500. Imagine if 6,000 more people, beside your friends and family, could see what you have produced. This is a great place to start growing your career as a writer!

2) Gain Experience. Some journalist and writers have to attend years and years of classes to accomplish what you will have with one article posted on Mic Hustlin. You will be able to use your articles here on your CV's to get that new position that you have been wanting. Just think about it, we started this three years ago with no experience in writing or journalism. 

3) Build Opportunities. If you continue to produce top stories for Mic Hustlin, you maybe able to earn that pay by coming aboard as a consistent writer for us. I mean, we wouldn't be able to get more exposure without you, so why would we leave you hanging?

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